Fashion #BlackOnBlack

Today I’m going to be talking about fashion and one of the best styles. A black on black outfit has been going on for a long time and everyone seems to love the idea of all black. Its a style you can do for any occasion, you just have to accessorize it for the event. You can go for a walk in the city and put on a simple black jean and black hoodie with a colorful purse and it will be a good look. And you can be going to a party and dress all black with a heavy makeup and look fabulous. It just depends on the different occasions and style. My best friend loves doing the black on black style for everything since its easier. She says it can look super casual but at the same time very elegant for a party since the color black is a timeless color. Everybody can pull off a black on black outfit, you just have to accessorize it correctly and your ready to go. To me a black on black outfit its easy to put together and can do it for anything. I’ll be showing some examples of my best friend rocking different black on black outfits for different occasions.

You can follow her on Instagram: thelimexcess



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